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About us
A place reserved only for couples, first time in Sri Lanka.... featuring, Ceiling mounted bedroom mirrors & private swimming pools.

The epitome of privacy, The Private Cottage offers a secluded and romantic getaway for those seeking luxury and a home away from home. A first in many ways in Sri Lanka, it is dedicated to couples only and features ceiling mounted bedroom mirrors and private swimming pools. Spanning three-acres of coconut cultivated land in Yakkala, Sri Lanka, just 1 hour from Colombo The Private cottage brings you 2 separate cottages in the midst of lush environment. Take a romantic walk around the coconut estate, and if in an adventurous mood, go on an excursion. Or simply layback and sip your favourite drink by the pool side private verandah. It is your holiday, your own private getaway!!
Come to where you can dive in and relax in your own cottage pool, enjoying the bliss of paradise…. Come to The Private cottage, in Yakkala.

Private Functions

The Private Cottage is not just for romantic holidays in your own cozy corner of Sri Lanka! You can now reserve the entire cottage complex exclusively for special functions including office outings, get-to-gathers and parties!
We offer ‘Total Event Management Services’ via the parent company, ‘Hill House Advertising Group’, one of the largest outdoor advertising conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

Loyalty Card

Get our loyalty card and be eligible for 20% discount for next 12 months! On your first visit to the cottage, you will be eligible to be part of our loyalty program. You can obtain the loyalty card by paying Rs.1000/- of annual fee.

Wine & Dine

As a guest of The Private Cottage, your convenience is our utmost priority. You can choose between customised Sri Lankan traditional dishes and delightful dishes from the menu. All dishes will be freshly cooked and served on your requirement.
There is a caretaker cum cook is a call away for your convenience at any time. Liquor is not available but you are allowed to bring your own.

Features & Amenities
  • Private swimming pool (Surrounded by a parapet wall for maximum privacy)
  • Pool side private verandah
  • Small Private Garden / Courtyard
  • King sized bed
  • Ceiling mounted bedroom mirrors
  • TV with Satellite connection
  • DVD player
  • Refrigerator
  • Hair drier
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Attached bathrooms
  • 3 acre coconut cultivated garden (Common to all cottages)
  • Maximum privacy and security
        (Cottages are surrounded by boundary walls)

Warana Raja Maha Viharaya

Built in the 2 nd century BC by the King Devanampiyatissa and later the King Walagamba did renovation in 1st century AD. King Nissanka Malla and king Parakarmabahu VI also contributed to the development of this temple. The temple is situated on a rocky mountain with a panoramic view of the village and surroundings. Warana is a very fine series of caves and there are altogether 12 rock cave-shelters in this boulder.

Maligatenna Raja Maha Viharaya

With a recorded history of over 2,000 years, the establishment of Maligatenna Temple dates back to the time of Mahinda Thera. This cave temple is also renowned for its association with King Walagamba and it is said that Hiripitiya Rala had hidden King Walagamba here till he was able to form an army to counter Indian attacks.

Pilikuththuwa Raja Maha Viharaya

The Pilikuththuwa Raja Maha Viharaya cave complex is spread out across over 200 acres with 99 caves and striking formation of giant rocks. It is said that this cave complex was dedicated to the Sangha by the King Devanampiyatissa and later on it is believed that this area was home to King Walagamba who found sanctuary during the Indian Chola invasion.

Henarathgoda Botanical Garden

Henarathgoda Botanical Garden, Gampaha was established by the British in 1876 to conduct experiments on exotic economic plants and explore plant wealth in the colony. Later the garden was developed as a tropical low country Botanical Garden. Many of these trees of the 19th century are still available in the Garden.

Horagolla National Park

Horagolla national park spans over 13 hectares in Gampaha district, being the smallest national park in the island. Horagolla is home to numerous animals such as Fishing Cat, Sri Lankan Spotted Chevrotain, Golden Jackal, and Grizzled giant squirrel. Horagolla is regarded as the only urban national park of Sri Lanka

Alawala Caves - Pre Historic Site

The caves are located in Alawala Potgul Viharaya, a temple premises of 60 acres enclosing three caves namely 'Vihara lena', 'Potgul lena' and the 'Thapo lena'. Archaeologists say that Alawala pre-historic site dates back to nearly 125,000 years. This archeological site is a great place for historical enthusiasts.

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